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Become a SECAP Partner

No one business can be 'all things' to 'all parties' in the market. Thats why at SECAP we value each and every partnership we have established over the years.

It is through our trusted partnerships that we have been able to drive innovation, quality, and uptime in the Data Centre and Critical Infrastructure space for all of our customers.


We aim to deliver long term, scalable solutions through our partnerships and are proud that many of them span over many years, even decades.


Below are a few examples of our most trusted business partners. Through a partnership with SECAP your organisation will join a network of existing partners which through a strategically aligned relationship your business will also enjoy access to exclusive SECAP events, activities, content and first hand information about your chosen area of expertise as well as referrals, lead sharing, and Data Centre project invitations. 

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CRS - Computer Room Solutions

Since its 2006 inception, Australian-owned CRS has established itself as a data and communications infrastructure industry-leader and go-to provider for a diverse range of clients. Encompassing ICT systems design, manufacture and installation, our reputation as a one-stop-shop for any fit-out project has been built upon the delivery of efficient and effective, custom-designed solutions. For all enquiries please contact CRS at or 1300 367 983.

NPS - Natural Power Solutions

Established in 1994, NPS is a leading independent power quality and lightning protection company. NPS provides power protection solutions to key clients in the corporate, industrial and government sectors.


NPS has offices throughout Australia and is both a distributor and manufacturer of leading edge power protection products as well as offering consulting and advisory services.


Power and surge protection is the company’s sole focus.

NPS’ independent status gives us the ability to choose the best and most appropriate products for the dynamically changing needs of IT systems, electrical and industrial equipment.

Sure Power

Sure Power have 29 years experience specialising in the sales, service and maintenance of all Uninterruptible Power Supplies no matter what size or brand.

Over the years Sure Power recognised that there was a need for a one stop shop for putting together computer rooms customised to their clients’ specific needs. Sure Power offer a complete service from environmental air conditioning to computer room floors and fit out to suit any clients size or budget.

Like SECAP they operate with the belief that customer satisfaction is paramount.

SRA - Server Racks Australia

SRA have been servicing the custom 19" rack market both locally and overseas for over 18 years.

They combine state of the art computer controlled equipment with a multi-skilled workforce and innovative manufacturing processes to produce commercial and SCEC endorsed racks and accessories.


To guarantee the timely delivery, cost and quality expected by industry today, each rack is manufactured individually, which allows total flexibility in configuration to meet their customer’s needs, including custom colours, ventilation (cooling) systems and accessories.

This extensive experience makes Server Racks Australia a trusted supplier to government and business organisations. 

OSA - Optical Solutions Australia

Since OSA’s inception in 2002, they have grown to be Australia’s No. 1 independently owned and operated Communications, Networking and Security distributor.


With 6 offices across Australia, OSA have a unique ability to service customers and projects of all sizes and over the years have been entrusted with supply, design and support services for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure and telecommunications projects.


Like SECAP, their independent Australian ownership puts OSA in a unique position to offer customers a best-in-class solution every time, which is highlighted by some of the world class, local and international, vendors and suppliers that they represent.

Their standards based approach is modeled on an “anything over IP” philosophy and covers a multitude of industries including, but not limited to, the Mining, Utility, Telecommunications, Education, Government, Construction and Enterprise market segments. With a commitment to quality, safety and stability, SECAP and OSA will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations now and into the future.


Since its foundation in 1961, Rittal has continuously evolved into the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, software, and services.

Rittal have followed the same principles since the company's foundation in 1961: Power and Vision!

Power is the curiosity to explore something new. Power is focussed determination and imagination; power is implementing findings quickly and in a customer-centric manner.

This power can only succeed with a visionary, courageous entrepreneurial spirit, a dynamic management team, and around 10 000 motivated employees from more than 100 different nations.

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If you are interested in discovering how SECAP and your business can partner and work together, please do get in touch. We would love to hear your ideas and learn more about the exciting work you do. You can reach us using the form below.

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