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Data Centre Services


Using SECAP to assist in the design and planning of your application solution will eliminate all of the common technical difficulties typically encountered when designing such systems. SECAP take all factors into consideration to ensure your individual solution has been tailor-made and engineered for optimal, future-proof performance. SECAP will visit your site or review your plans to help us develop the ideal facility plan for your needs.


SECAP offer Installation Services to quickly and efficiently implement your new system. Using SECAP for installation and commissioning of your system ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance from day one, saving you time, money and extending the system life. The flexible Installation options available allow you to designate what areas you would like SECAP to be involved.

SECAP Installation Services

Preventative Maintenance

To Ensure complete satisfaction and to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency, it is essential that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a scheduled basis. SECAP is committed in helping you prevent problems before they occur. With any piece of specialised equipment there are components that will wear out over time and field conditions or settings may change. Proper care and regular maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime. To ensure your peace of mind and trust in our Systems SECAPs’ Preventive Maintenance will give your system the attention and level of service it needs.

Equipment failure is a problem we would all prefer not to experience. When system down time occurs, it often results in lost productivity and wasted resources. To help minimise system downtime, SECAP offers three levels of emergency response services to meet your requirements which is linked to our preventative maintenance contracts.

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